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Elias on Newyears under Rob and Minkas bar stool.

Brush those teeth!

He's coming at me!

Piggyback ride on daddy!

His first swing ride and he really liked it!

Elias was hiding under the table one day and he thought it was the best game ever!

Elias's cousins Natalie, Adrian and Alexis

Elias eating his rib. His new favorite.

His new other favorite is corn on the cob.

Two old men basking in the sun

Had a little top ramen accident/explosion.

Elias and his buddy Bryce on an old tricycle at Avila Farms

Archer Kinsley and I went diving and I scored a pretty big ling.

Can't resist a face like that! had to give him the carrot cake frosting mixing spatula.

Elias after a bath. Waaaahooooo!!! Nice molar Elias!