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What a year it was!

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Elias gets a bath in abuelita's sink

Campin trip at Plasket Creek

Nice Shirt Elias

First time up on his elbows!

What a smile! Check out that dimple!

First time in the pool! He did great! Could use a little tan though!

Grabbing for the camera fresh out of a bath

Elias gets his first piggy back ride and LOVED it! Super giggly!

Minka brings Ethan over for a visit with his new friend! Elias thought he was super cool!

Havin fun standing on the couch! WOW! He's standing on the couch! (notice the wet sleeves from teething)

Elias styling his new threads at Garth and Amy's wedding in Arroyo Grande

Elias gets a bath for the first time in a real tub! He loved it!

Elias at the volcano with Dave and Jan in the clean air area. He was still happy even though he didn't get to see the lava.

The boys smiling for the camera.

We looked over and he had pulled himself up in his crib all by his self. And he was really excited about it too!

He got his first teeth at about 6 months. They both showed up on the same day!

Elias in the pumpkins at Avila Farms

Elias and his favorite red ball over Thanksgiving.

Bed head early in the morning. Wake up Elias!