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Also known as the toys page!  ;)

Lets see...
- Mountain biking on my Gary Fisher Sugar 1   
SCUBA diving for lots of Ling cod and Red Vermillion Rock fish (see below)
- Camping, Hiking and Fly fishing
- Bodyboarding
"F#$&in' spongers!"
- Ocean Kayaking on my Cobra Kayak
- 4x4 off-road driving in my Rodeo.  As you might know we got our rodeo totaled.  I am cruising the minivan now.  It's kinda cool with leather seats and a nice stereo, but it's still a minivan.  I have my sights set on this.
- Target shooting at our most excellent shooting range.  
- Fly fishing with my C.W. Jenkins rod.

Sunrise in Death Valley at the Racetrack

Be sure and check out the diving conditions on my weather page before you hit the weekend!


There has been lots of confusion about the California fishing regs so I am posting this link to the DFG website that shows what is open for our area (San Luis Obispo County and part of Monterey County).  As of 2005 the size minimum is 24" and quantity is 2 for lingcod.  

  1. Track dive time
  2. See important information
  3. Make buddy lists
  4. CHART dive time and air consumption
  5. It's fun and easy!


Log Book Screen Shot of available statsNOW AVAILABLE!

Dive template for Microsoft Access 97TM and Office

After searching the web for a suitable dive log I ended up making my own. It's super cool and yours to download! If you like it you can send me a nominal $20 registration fee to compensate me for all the time I put into it.

Download the MS Access 97TM version (700 kb)!  Or, 
Download the MS Office 2000TM version (812 kb) Includes new features!

I enjoy SCUBA diving with my excellent friends Mark Miller and Kinsley Wong. We usually take Marks Zodiac out onto the Pacific into 60 feet of water. We drop down over huge rocks with dark holes in search of fish. We hunt the wild Red Vermilion rock fish which coincidentally make VERY tasty fish tacos! Check out what we see under the ocean at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!
My Cobra Kayak
I also purchased a Dive Kayak so I can go diving any time when the conditions are good. It is a yellow Cobra Explorer and works great. When the swells are flat I can take it out at spooners cove in Montana De Oro State Park in Los Osos to go fishing. The kayak works very well for diving. Took it out to Piedras Blancas and got me a nice 33" ling and a big fat red!

Click to see QTVR's of KELP!

Lately, I have been fly fishing up in the Sierras! We catch brook and golden trout up there.  Here are the instructions (1mb pdf) for beginner fly fishers.  In there you will learn how to tie knots, select the right pole and reel, how to handle fish, how to attach the line to the reel and leader to line.  Check it out!  Thanks to Wilderness Outfitters in Arroyo Grande for putting this guide together!

The Kelp forest!

Look below for some nice fish pictures!

Fish picture links:
- Fish 4

Latest Catch! Fish for dinner!

Three BIG halibut! - 15kb

look into my eye!

big lobsters!

What a hunt! We got these late one evening KAYAK diving in our secret spot!

Monster catch in our secret spot!

Kinsley cooks up Cantonese style vermillion rock fish

Maria and I on a hike at Julia Piffer Beach Me and Rodeo in Death Valley on the Lippencott Trail