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Before we get started on framing, we need to repair the foundation.  In this case, we needed to actually remove and replace the foundation.  We decided to lift the house up a little to make room for removing the old foundation and installing the new one.  Some timing info:  We got the house lifted on May 5th.  Got all the old concrete by May 8th.  The backhoe guy was here on May 13th.  We got the forms started on  May 15th.  We poured concrete May 22nd and got the forms off the same day.


Demolition      Utilities

  Foundation     Details   

Framing          Done     

Large crack in the existing foundation.

Even larger crack in the existing foundation.

We had to widen the trench the existing foundation sat it to make room for forms exposing the sewer and the electrical service for the back units.

Sewer detail. It's all cast iron.

Widening also exposed the gas meters and water main on the other side.

Next we brought in some heavy equipment. This guy was really good with that thing. He worked it like an extension of his own arm.

He dug all our footings out that he cold reach including the front wall.

We also lifted the house another 3 inches.

Ordered up some forms and rebar.

Forming up the front wall. The existing front wall will serve as an internal form. I hung all that rebar in there. I was practically upside-down.

Side wall partially formed with rebar.

Rebar cutting and bending tool. That no. 5 rebar is really hard to cut.

View from our porch.

Bracing for the front wall in case it decides to give up after 90 years.

Sewer stub wich will run through the new foundation. It's wrapped in foam that serves as an expansion joint between the concrete.

We exposed some of the rear units utilities while digging the foundation. We had to wrap those too with foam for expansion.

Bottom of the side footing with rebar.

Back corner of the house.

Completed framing with rebar and supports

Pins that hold the forms from busting out

All ready for concrete!

Here's the truck!

Here's the concrete pumper guy doing his thing, filling our forms up with glorious concrete

All filled. Now we have to smooth out all the tops for the plates.

Anchor bold holder with taped up anchor bolt.

There's our anchor bolt!

Well, the concrete has sat long enough so lets take the forms off!

Ooooooooo! Get a look at that new front foundation!

Hoooooowoooo! Look at those walls!

Yeah, I feel that way too Rob! Totally spent after a hard day of work.

But just look at that beauty of a foundation! She's all ready for some serious framing now boy!

Not too often that we get this in our driveway! He JUST fit down here.

Elias REALLY wanted to get involved with that BIG truck!

He was dropping off sand for our new slab and some crushed and washed granite for backfilling the foundation and the french drains.

After all that, I got to drill and seat the anchor bolts in our new plates. We put a bunch of adhesive underneath them to seal out bugs and water.

Next we placed in the cripple wall to raise the floor off the foundation. Notice that this allowed us to remove the temporary walls!

I think it's framing time!

Having to add some more more foundation slides. This is a picture of a footing I dug (1 of 3) 24"x24"x24" for piers. The small hole is the old one.

Finally got the french drain on the side yard. Had to chip out the curb to make way for the drain pipe.

Coated the media room floor with waterproof membrane and installed expansion joints.

Added a layer of sand and then cut rebar. Nice pose Rob!

Rented a cement cutter and cut the driveway out where piers and grade beams will go.

Spent all weekend digging this out. 1 foot deep on the grade beams and 2 feet deep for the piers.

Poured pier in the basement.

Poured front porch.

Front porch foundation detail.

Piers for the big deck.

Also poured the slab in the media room.

Pier detail. This will hold a 6x6 that supports the big deck.

Forming up our protective curb and laying rebar for the driveway we had to take out.

Finished curb with the french drain outlet.