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Latest family updates and pictures 

Check the forum for quasi-monthly updates!  (registration required)

Here is the photo album of the house reconstruction project. 


I installed a new forum.  It's older than the phpbb but it works and it was free!  So go check out the NEW FORUM!

Check out my Political activism page.  GO OUT AND VOTE!

Started my very own BLOG on BLOGSPOT.  Read some recent info on the fam.



A special thanks to ARCHER and his company win and ware for hosting my site!

Win and Ware is the only SharePoint web presence provider on the California Central Coast!  To learn more, go visit his site.

If you are looking for affordable internet hosting please go there!  For your own good!





Here are some photo albums and movies

House Albums!
Photos of our home remodel project.

Fish pictures! 
If dead fish aren't your thing then turn away.  But if you want to see the Monster Lings we get then you know what to do!

  • Fish 1 4-24-02 (biggest ling I ever saw!) 
  • Fish 2 Shots from 2001/2002 including super halibut dive in Monterey

Yahualica Albums!
We had a terrific trip to Yahualica in November 2004!  I took several hundred pictures.  Here are about 90 of the better ones.

Go to the Yahualica page to learn about this very quaint and beautiful town where Maria was born and we got married.

>> Friends and family, contact me so I can get you access

Important family web page links

Professional Information about myself

  • I have taken a job with The County of San Luis Obispo!  I am now a Mapping Systems Specialist.  This is really a dream job!  I get to do what I studied and I now have a chance to really get innovated and imaginative in how I put GIS to work for the County.  As I see it, GIS can really save the County money and make it easier for the public to get accurate information.  Take our Interactive GIS Mapping Website for example.
  • I used to work at a great little planning firm called Crawford Multari & Clark Associates where I was the graphics coordinator and company computer guy.  
  • I have also taught what I thought was a great GIS class at CalPoly called CRP457.  Click the link to learn all about it.
  • The obligatory resume link.