Downtown Yahualica

Here are photos of downtown Yahualica. As you can see, the town is quiet and small. The town square serves as a focal point for the city. Markets the government center and the church face the square. Arched colonnades front it on all sides but the church which faces north.

The photo shows the square looking south with the church to the left. A central gazebo serves as a place for bands to play and speeches to be made. Local youth to hang out here and on weekends the area is transformed into a carnival like experience. Benches surround the square and venders sell food and just about anything else. At night the area comes alive with music and laughter as people stroll and chat after the evening mass. The square looking South
This is a typical street leading down toward the center of town from Maria's parents house. In the photo is Armida and Dona Ruano (mom). Typical street