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Here is the Diary for 2002

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We had our baby!  Read all about it below! 

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Wake up Elias!  Get that beadhead going!
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Past Pictures of the Week!

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Due to privacy and management issues I have disabled my Diary and the forum.  I am looking into a way to post entries that are pw protected. 


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Elias Noe Legato is here!

Hello friends and family,

Elias at 1 minute old.  Hey wait a second!  No one said they were blue!The day finally came! Maria and I checked into the hospital around 8:45 P.M., after the contractions were 6 minutes apart for two hours and she had several (what we thought at the time anyways) strong contractions. This was after having them 10 minutes apart for the entire day and two long walks. It was nice to get into the hospital and away from Alexis's little birthday party that was happening as well! Yikes!

Well, she had really hard contractions through the night and reached "transition" by 4:00 A.M. and was really having a hard time of it so in order to have some energy left to push we opted for the big E. I have to say, better living through chemical intervention is really nice!

We had time to rest and then she pushed for only an hour or so and at 11:50 A.M. March 25 little Elias made his grand entrance into life!  He weighs 7 pounds 3 ounces and measures 20.5 inches long!

Just look at that beautiful baby!  30 minute old!  They grow so fast!Well, that's the short version! We are going to stay in the hospital for another day and get some professional lactation advice and some rest then head home. Maria's mom is staying for a week or so to help out with everything so we are in good hands!

Our baby names:
Girl: Eden Audrey Legato
Boy: Elias Noe Legato
As you can tell, we have been liking E names for some reason!  So when the baby is born don't be surprised if we call it the E-baby!

If you are feeling generous please check out our baby registries at Target or Babiesrus.