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After framing comes the details.  I think details officially started when the drywallers came by on August 16th. 


Demolition      Utilities

  Foundation     Details   

Framing           Done    

Drywallers came through as the first of the details page. They sure do know how to make a mess.

While the drywallers were setting drywall, I was outside caulking every crack and crevice.

They then taped off all the nails and splits.

Also, Rob, AJ and Tim were out on the big deck doing their thing for the Stone Solutions. Think of it as creating tiles..

Tim spreading a thin layer of faux stone. We created the grout lines by pulling up tape that material was spread over.

Rob installed the shower pan ready for inspection.

Tim then came back over the stone and ground it all smooth.

The pan passed inspection so we filled it with concrete.

The master bath ready for laying out the grout lines.

Kitchen in the same state.

I went through and started treating the windows with stain. I saved myself $1,700 by doing this. They look great now.

In case you are wondering, it's Minwax special walnut.

Bathroom walls ready for the thin layer of stone solutions.

Master bathroom getting the stone treatment by AJ. We used foam instead of tape for the grout lines for a cleaner look.

The kitchen with the foam hot glued down ready for the mix.

Kitchen after the mix was applied and the foam removed.

The big deck grouted with the railing posts installed.

Big deck grout and tile detail. We got the tiles from www.tierrayfuego.com.

Sunset coming through the kitchen windows. We are looking forward to seeing this more often.

The sunset itself from the big deck.

The house from the street. No, it isn't on fire inside! That is the sun shining through the kitchen and hitting the front windows.

Rob checking out the big deck after he put up the railings and details. It's pretty big and we like it a lot!

Post and cap with railings. Sweet job!

Spent 18 hours sanding the floor. In two days that is.

Then covered it with platic to get ready for the paint.

Here is the kitchen floor all grouted and ready to be covered in plastic.

Taped off the windows too.

Got our dunstabzugshaube delivered.

Oh, and we got the exterior painted too! I got a very high quality job from Mike Ryan of Shamrock Painting (805) 215-9151.

I have been really busy painting the interior. This is Elias's bedroom with the living room in the background. I saved myself about $2500.

The basement room or the media room as we call it. (I got to pick this color) :)

While I was painting, Rob was busy in the kitchen making the cabinets.

I finally finished the front door and hung it up.

Close-up of our front door

Kitchen cabinets getting closer.

We got the rest of our appliances delivered. Had to send the stove back though as it was the wrong one.

Our beautiful sink! It's cobalt blue.

And it's a Kohler.

All the window sills are in now.

Our stairs with railing on one side. Railing will be on the other side soon.

Kitchen cabinets under construction. Notice the dual cutting boards.

Guest bathroom with medicine cabinet installed.

Staining the media room concrete floor.

Gotta have a front walkway! Elias really helped out on this weekendproject.

Fireplace ready for final treatment.