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Pictures of the week for 2002
Pictures of the week for 2003

The Baby Shower
Elias is born
Elias Week 1
Bryce is born





Cris and Kian

Desi catching some G's

Not so fast Darren

Hard to port!



Daddy had to jump in too!

Fintastic time

Desi and Darren

Little foggy

No, you won't fall through, probably not anyway


Where's tia?

There she is. Were's Uncle Jeff?

Fog. But the sun is breaking through

Hey Desi!

Elias is trying to stay awake but can't

Untill I flashed him!

The Orrs - Desi

Elias and daddy

Kian and her daddy


Desi in the creek

Lactating mommas

What a day!